Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Authenticating Bertoias

I find various blogs discussing the difficulty of authenticating Bertoias. This is indeed a problem, since Bertoia rarely signed his pieces, believing that a work of art speaks for itself and needs no ownership. Although it is a generous and wonderful concept, it has created challenges for those of us who follow him. Val Bertoia, son of Harry, at http://bertoiastudio.com/north.html  is still your best bet for validating the real deal in sculpture. If it is a monoprint or painting, find me, Celia Bertoia, daughter, via http://harrybertoia.org/contact.html.  One thing I can say is that a true Harry Bertoia always has a feel of integrity and high quality craftsmanship. He was very skilled and did not cut corners in workmanship.

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