Monday, April 13, 2015


The Sonambient re-issue box set will be released soon. The date is not yet determined. The set will include a history of Sonambient, quotes from Harry and other important music figures, and lots of photographs in a substantial booklet along with the eleven CDs. Cost will be $100. This is historical as well as mystical meditation music. Check details at

Celia will be speaking at selected Knoll distributors in California sometime the first week of May. Dates and specifics will follow shortly. There will be several luncheon gatherings and at least one evening lecture. She will have her books available for purchase and signing. See you there!

Coming soon: Celia will visit New York City May 18 - 22 and may offer a lecture during that time. If you have a legitimate reason to meet with her, contact us through the website and she may fit it in her schedule. We'll let you know. Exciting!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Arieto! And Cranbrook Opening...

Today is 100 years since Harry's birthday. His childhood nickname was Arieto ("little Harry") and my mother Brigitta also called him Arieto (unless she was mad at him!). The support and help that has come toward the HarryBertoia foundation is almost overwhelming, and very much appreciated. The Kickstarter project is funded, people come out of the woodwork to assist us, and life is good!

Celia will speak at the opening of the Cranbrook Bertoia Jewelry show this Friday March 13th. It is for members only, but they are having a special discount if you come on Friday of $25 instead of $50. The way his jewelry led to his later sculptures is really quite remarkable. Come if you can!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Harry Bertoia Archival Tape Project

We have a Kickstarter project going to transfer the 350+ reel-to-reel Sonambient tapes to electronic format. It is a huge undertaking, but with your support to purchase the proper equipment, we can save these recordings. They have been sitting in the renovated Pennsylvania barn for 45 years collecting spiderwebs, but if we act now we can save them! Harry Bertoia created eleven Sonambient albums before he died and these are being re-issued in May in a beautiful box set. To help, or just see what is going on, check:

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Upcoming Bertoia Happenings

March 10: The Italian Bertoia exhibition in Pordenone will host a Skype chat with Celia Bertoia on Harry's centennial birthday. Harry was a Pisces, flowing in opposing but coordinated directions at one time.

March 13: Cranbrook Art Museum's Bertoia Jewelry exhibition opens with a grand evening for members, including a talk and meet and greet with Celia Bertoia

Late April, dates not yet determined: Lectures and Book signings in Los Angeles and San Diego area. For galleries, bookstores, museums or modern furniture showrooms who might want to be included in the festivities, contact us through the website.

Many more events are in the works. Check back from time to time or peruse our Facebook page.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Florida Lectures in January

Below is more about the Florida presentations.

Celia Bertoia, youngest daughter of Harry Bertoia and Director of the HarryBertoia foundation, will give two lectures in Florida, focusing on design but expanding on the entire ouvre of her father. She will bring a few originals for show and tell.

Florida State University William Johnston Building G040, Thursday, January 15th, 5:00 pm, 6:00 reception

Sponsored by the Sarasota Architectural Foundation, Conference room at the Herald-Tribune, Thursday, January 22nd from 5:30 to 7 pm

Friday, January 2, 2015

Allentown Later, Cranbrook Soon, Florida Now

There was to be a major Bertoia exhibition at the Allentown Art Museum in 2015, but due to several factors this has been postponed. We are now looking toward 2017 or 2018. It will be bigger and better and come from a different angle, probably looking into the history of sounding sculpture. How has Harry Bertoia's tonal work effected other artists? Was he the first to tread into the sounding sculpture arena? What are the scientific and musical ramifications?
In the meantime, I am getting very excited about the Cranbrook Bertoia jewelry exhibition. They obtained funding (from Wright, the Eibers and the David Klein & Kate Ostrove Exhibition Fund) for a top notch color catalogue and will have some items that have never before been seen in public. Harry's jewelry is both wonderfully playful and amazingly crafted. While he loved silver and gold, he was not averse to using copper, aluminum, brass or just about any metal. Much of the jewelry was created at Cranbrook and this is where he began to amass his broad knowledge of metals, alloys and their properties. It begins March 14 and here are the details:
Keep your antenna up for two lectures on Harry Bertoia coming to Florida, one in Tallahassee at the University and one in Sarasota, both in late January. Dates and specifics to follow.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Details Update: Shows, Sonambient, Book...

Just finished the final edits on the book, The Life and Work of Harry Bertoia, whew. You other authors out there know how incredibly tedious it is to search for missing commas, misspellings, and index page numbers! But it is looking good and out of my hands now. Wrote book, check.

30 Monotypes just shipped to Italy for their show. Eleanor, do-it-all assistant of the foundation, pulled through like a champ on this project. Pick up was 4 hours late, more forms had to be filled out at the last moment, craziness all around, but got 'er done. They will also have a few sculptures and some Bertoia furniture. Those of you in Europe, don't miss it - the Pordenone Museum Bertoia show starts at the end of January. The Civic Museum of Pordenone recently named one of their galleries the Harry Bertoia Gallery - very touching and lovely of them. Italian show, check.

Monday another 30 monotypes get shipped to Susquehanna for their upcoming Bertoia show. Confirm crate weights, which address to use, any steps to loading area? All good. They will have a few sculptures as well. They recently completed a major renovation of their museum and this will be the first show in the new facility. They are very excited, as am I. PA show, check.

The vinyl edition of the re-issue of Sonambient is wildly expensive to produce, at least in comparison with electronic versions. We are seeking funding for it, and have a good lead from a reputable company. We'll keep you posted on that. Get figures together, talk to the right people, get a spiffy PDF to them. Data submitted for funding, check.

Those are just a few details from the daily life of the Harry Bertoia foundation. That's what life is; details, details, details. Do a good job with the details and it pays off in the long run. Be grateful for the gifts, and give your own gifts where possible. Enjoy life. Like Harry said, “Awareness of the miracle of life may be the purpose of life…”