Monday, October 27, 2014

LATE 2014 AND INTO 2015

A special gift for your professional client, favorite artsy friend, spouse, or even yourself, is a piece of the limited edition Bertoia jewelry, see   These are finely crafted exact replicas of Harry's originals available only through the website. The photos are good, but to see them in person is better. Christmas is closer than you think. For that very special human who has everything, your gift will stand out if it is a Bertoia Table Tonal limited edition; a personal sounding sculpture.

The Bertoia Centennial happenings for 2015 begin in January. Important Records will re-issue the vinyl set of Sonambient recordings that were initially released in 1978. They will also be available in CD or downloadable formats. If you've never experienced Sonambient, you can hear a sampling at  It is mysterious, other worldly, music of the spheres, and mostly indescribable.

The Life and Work of Harry Bertoia, a biography written by his daughter Celia Bertoia, is slotted for release in early 2015. Although packed with the history and technical details of Bertoia's work, there are lots of anecdotes and personal stories that only a family member would be privy to. The reason Harry was a great artist is because he was a great man.

Exhibitions will be literally all over the world:
January to April: Pordenone, Italy (near Harry's hometown), 50 miles north of Venice featuring monotypes, sculptures, furniture, recorded interviews, videos and more
Also events at the Harry Bertoia Natal home in San Lorenzo, Italy
January to April: Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA focusing on monotypes
Summer 2015: Cranbrook Art Museum, near Detroit, MI (Harry's alma mater) will feature a show concentrating on Harry's jewelry, the first time in decades.
Summer 2015: Solway Gallery represents the monotype drawings and prints and has a rotating display in Ohio.

Several other possibilities are not yet concrete enough to divulge but we'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, we'll be working on the beginnings of a catalogue of the monotypes. Once we have our feet wet with the monographics, we will begin on the sculpture. These are huge projects, so if any of you graduate students or interested retirees care to join in, we welcome you! The HarryBertoia foundation invites eager helpers, donations, expertise and is also happy to listen to your Harry stories!

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