Monday, February 25, 2013

How to Spot an Orginal Bertoia Chair

How to spot an Original Knoll Bertoia Chair?

Here is a link to an excellent video on how to discern the orginal chairs from the fakes. The main points to note are the tapered top wires with supporting rod behind (not on top) AND the "Knoll" inscription on the horizontal support wire near the bottom. Why should you choose an expensive original instead of a cheap reproduction?

- Because you are supporting the artist (not monetarily, as Bertoia received a lump sum and was done, but artistically and philosophically)
- You receive a quality product in the style intended by the designer
- You take ownership of furniture that is art, and retains value
- Anyone sitting in the chair gets a little piece of the designer's energy and creativity


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  2. any idea when they started stamping with Knoll on the horizontal bar? we have a set of 4 we found out in a farm field and they meet the criteria of the top support bar. They are old with very faded original paint and some rust coming through at the bottom but no markings we can find.

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  4. They started stamping Knoll on the side in 2004. See this link for a full article on this topic: